Taking the NCLEX Exam the faster way: New Mexico and Vermont States

It has been known to almost everyone that to take the NCLEX exam and choosing either New Mexico or Vermont State is one of the fastest way to take the Exam.

The eligibility for Vermont usually would take a month, or two months prior to date of application but still time is indefinite because according to the Vermont website you must wait for 3-4 months and also depends upon the completeness of your documents. The pay is $150 payable to Vermont Secretary of States, it has 5 pages and must come with the application or else your application will be returned to you. They don't need any certificates like the CGFNS certification. However, be aware that you will only have a window of 90 days to take the exam once the ATT is issued. The time to receive permission to take the exam is not definite, probably looking for a few months.

for complete process of New Mexico -- click here

Be aware that each state has different expiry dates.

New Mexico on the other hand, it will take about 2-3 weeks or about a month before ATT will be given. What is good in New Mexico? it is said to be cheaper, their fingerprinting cards is different from other states because you have to request it directly to the New Mexico Board of Nursing for the cards, and they will evaluate your transcript.

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Philippine said...

Great post! I have written an email to vermont asking them on their requirements, you can view them at

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