Nursing Diagnosis - NANDA ebook (free ebook)

is a professional organization of nurses to standardize nursing terminology that was founded in 1982 and develops and refines the nomenclature, criteria, and taxonomy of nursing diagnoses. In 2002, NANDA relaunched as NANDA International in response to the broadening scope of their membership.

A nursing diagnosis is a standardized statement about the health of a client (who can be an individual, a family, or a community) for the purpose of providing nursing care. Nursing diagnoses are developed based on data obtained during the nursing assessment.

The main organization for defining standard diagnoses in North America is the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, now known as NANDA-International. Other international associations are AENTDE (Spanish), AFEDI (French language) and ACENDIO (Europe).

Nursing diagnoses are part of a movement in nursing to standardize the terminology involved. This includes standard descriptions of diagnoses, interventions and outcomes. Nurses who support standardized terminology believe that it will help nursing become more scientific and evidence-based. Other nurses feel that nursing diagnoses are an ivory tower mentality and neither help in care planning nor in differentiating nursing from medicine.

Here is a free ebook provided for you, to help your nursing career.

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Working and Studying in the UK

This post is about information to those who are interested to work and study in the UK. Kindly do your own due diligence in doing research, what has been posted here has not been confirmed, we can only give you the facts and information.  Please also do you research before taking further action.

When you work and study in the UK as I am sure a lot of you has heard of a lot of pinoy been going out there the same with my classmates and friends. This is a good opportunity to those who would like to go abroad and work and study for a certain time. Remember though that once you have finished it will not enable you to stay in the UK. There may also be scams out there, so beware, in order to make sure of it is legit or not, I would recommend going to the British Embassy.

Here are some information:

1. University of Hertfordshire

This program is available to Filipino Nurses from ISA 4U (Philippines) where it is a work-based learning route. You will be working in a placement in the Independent Care Sector while your pursue your academic studies over two years.

You will be on a student visa and you have to prove to them that you are able to support yourself financially during the period of your study on their country and pay for the course fees. Please be aware of these fees, the requirements and important facts. Once you have completed your study, you will not be able to be offered a work in the UK since there won't be any work permits available for overseas nurses because it is no longer considered as a shortage occupation.

More will be added soon. If you think you have known of some legit companies to add on here and share with us, let us know by sending an email to

Nursing Employment opportunity: Norway need nurses

New opportunities opened in Norway for new nurses, you will be working as a nursing assistant. This is one good way, however you will need to learn their language in order to qualify for this opportunity. The pay is good, however, you also have to pay for your income tax.

A word from all of you is that Norway is a good place to live in,  if you learn how to speak the language and cope with the cold weather then you'll do fine with adjusting on the lifestyle there.

For the details:

1. Apply for Registration as a Nurse in Norway click here.

2. You can apply for Norwegian licensure by contacting Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel (Autorisasjonskontoret )

3. After your application has been approved by the Registration Authority and your language proficiency has been approved, now you may register as Oslo University College for the courses that is required.

Note: Everyone is required to take a 3 week course called "Nasjonale *** for sykepleiere" before licensing. Main subjects included here are Norwegian social studies and pharmacology including drug calculation, health care system and nursing and Norwegian health legislation. This course is offered twice a year only.

It is also possible the other courses may be required from you and that depends upon the Registration Authorities upon viewing your competency to work as a nurse in Norway. Four of the most usual courses that are required are "Care for Elderly", "Nursing in the Psychiatric Field", "Preventive Care" and "Medical/Surgical Nursing". The course is held at Oslo University College, Faculty of Nursing.

 If you have any questions pertaining to employment opportunities and more, send us an email and hopefully we can be of help to you.

Economic Crisis: Is nursing employment overseas a problem?

Judging the economic crisis we are facing nowadays, it does not only mean locally but we are experiencing it globally especially with the U.S. increasing unemployment of 9.8% this year, a lot of companies has gone bankruptcy and sales going down.

The medical profession, nurses are still in demand no matter what because there are always people who get sick every day, health is always an important factor in our lives and we will always be in demand despite the unemployment of newly graduates having the struggles to find a local job to support themselves.

Some  may not realize it today, but there will come a time where new opportunities will open for nursing overseas. If you can find someone who can financially support you, I guess it has been popularly known that the UK has been accepting nurses who are newly graduates or Registered Nurses who can apply as a student visa there. I cannot elaborate more on this, but once I have got more information about this, will let you know about the details and website pertaining to this.

PRC Nursing Board Exam Results November 2008

The results of the board exam for Nursing has been released as of today February 21, 2009. There are about 39,455 who passed the board exam from the percentage of about 44.5% out of 88,649 who took the examination for the November 2008 Nursing board exam.

The topnotcher for this board is Jovie Ann Alawas Decoyna of Baguio Central University with a percentage of 89%.

One of the top schools who was greater percentage is Xavier University.

See Below for the lists of the board passers:

Nov 2008 Nursing Board Exam Results

Tips on how to pass the nursing board exam

Taking an exam doesn't really require you a huge knowledge about the subject. All you need is to refresh your mind about the past lessons you have encountered and bringing them up to your mind. A lot of nursing students enroll in a review center but tend to fail when examination comes, aren't you wondering about it? Well, a review is only a recap from what you have learned since you were in school ans sometimes they teach you also out of this world topics where you didn’t encounter during your college days.

Taking the board exam for some nurses is a little bit anxious while to others is just a piece of cake. Before taking the exam you must feel relax and take a deep breathe. First thing to do is PRAY, you really have to pray and ask for divine guidance in order for you to answer all the questions without experiencing a mental block. There are instances that you will forget the answer to the toughest questions, just say "Lord help me answer this question". You must eat breakfast coz you will need lots of energy to sustain you the whole day. Another tip is to take pharmaton. Pharmaton contains vitamins and minerals in order to keep you alert all day. So when you already start taking the exam be sure to shade properly the best answer you choose and avoid erasures. According to one of my friend, it is lucky if you wear something red when taking the exam. It's a lucky charm according to fengshui, so if you want to try if it works then wear something red. And lastly it is good to stay in a hotel in order for you to feel relax after the exam.

What is Bird Flu?

Bird Flu refers to an illness that has been caused by many different strains of influenza viruses that have adapted to a specific host. We must always have to become aware of this the earliest time possible before it is too late.

According to current events, there are already 321 known infections and about over 200 people has been confirmed dead because of this disease. It is deemed important that we have to be aware of this for the protection of ourselves and our family.

One of the drugs that can save your life from this Bird Flu are Symmetrel (Amantadine) which is an antiviral medicine that blocks the harmful effects that some viruses to do out body. This drug is commonly prescribed against various viral infections and that includes Influenza A. Another drug is called Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) which is also an antiviral drug that is used to treat the disorders that has been caused by viruses, this drug is highly recommended in cases of flu viruses. In addition, this drug can even prevent the flu onset even if the patient has been exposed to someone who is suffering from it. And the last recommended drug for this kind of disease is the Relenza which is a type of medicine called neuraminidase inhibitor and this drug is indicated for treating infections that has been caused by flu like the influenza virus.

It is deemed important that we have to be prepared for what has not happened yet. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure especially that the cold and flu season is fast approaching. We need protection for ourselves and our family.

At Obama's ruling - how will it affect nursing as a profession in the United States with the new president?

After milleniums of America to live within leaderships of American presidents, who would have thought in the history of the world, a black Afro-American man would be held as president?

This questions a lot of considered boundaries. And it does not only subject to foreign familiar areas but also to unfamiliar, forgotten issues concerning racial discrimination and seclusion. With Barack Obama's view of the people as a unified system for good governance, change had standardized the fundamental grounds of his leadership. A democratic superior lead, Obama as the president of America stands the prioritized guarantee that he sits right at first for racial problems in the society. He starts from the inside to clean up unfinished businesses of racial injustice and disrespect. And this would mean a huge intervention for black people. Known and categorized as low-class and a potential terror of society, the least they cold get are forced inclinations and adversaries to push themselves to the top. Having Obama elected and have triumphed defines a huge and unified perceptive change has occurred. America, for the first time, twists to follow a leader of which was racially discriminated once upon in his time.

A canvas for a new start, an insider's beginning for his people are prioritized. It is not only the black society that has been looked down over the years but other races and cultures as well. Including Asians. When Obama started to be bethroned on his first day as president, he was not just a president standing for America. While the whole world perpetuates to see, it is now the world looking up to him.

Economy will radiate like current by Obama's victory. And all kinds of classes the world has for existence reacts as well.

Including the Philippines, most Filipinos are usually hired as caregivers, construction workers or nurses abroad. And America is one particular place they get close with at holding on for. Having Obama as the president could essentially radiate Filipino workers' importance at working abroad and portray a better category for giving support and more convenient matters in a working society.

Eventually, nursing profession would easily step up its desired vocationary vision under Obama's reign. For races are slowly getter close together and racism dies together with the change he is implementing under his rule.

In nursing, it is addressed that a nurse does convey mostly by our Filipino citizens. And having it as a huge factor in claiming respect of nationality, it is easier for working Filipinos to step up and stand tall with pride without subconsciously thinking about discriminations and racial indifferences. It is by a huge percentage, a goal of reuniting race biases will probably come to a close.

Upcoming Nursing Board exam November 29-30,2008

The upcoming nursing board exam this November 29-30, 2008. What are the tips that will come out of the board this November? Are all the students taking up the board that prepared to take the test? Another examination would come to qualify potential nursing students for its nursing licensure and priveleges. Would this be a year for hoped victory or a challenging spasm for trying and working hard?

There are thousands of opportunities nursing graduates could achieve by working hard and studying. And thousands of ways to maximize the understanding of how important and flattering a board examinee passer could get is the achievement of taking the board with open-mindedness and confident victory no matter how unacclaimed.

As starters, steps in practicing a positive attitude over working hard is the perception of studying as a good way to learn and be open to more areas of application and knowledge, abiding to discipline one's self with correct conduct and proper mental output as not to astray from focus and discouragements. Challenges come rising through wherever there's pressure. But one potential passer must obtain a sealed zest and ambivalence to succeed for victory or to stand tall at a failure.


How does a society adopt to social changes and influences? When in the medical category, how does one attain a perspective as perminent ansd strong s its impact? Medically, the world strives and begins to relate itself under a similar category of which one can collaborate and maintain the basic context of the matter. And when nursing potrudes the thought, society functions a coherent role of perceiving it as significant. Before the mid-1800's, without organizations and education, the social home of the matter declines under roles of missing respect and underestimating prevailing attitudes. Clinically crucial at health point of views, needless to say, nursing in society has been under a powerful force. Although unpatented and quiet at the beginning. On the starting point, women wanted to achieve the purpose of making a pleasant companion to the husband and be of a responsible mother. Without proper nourishment in nursing education, women on the mid-1800's had fought on their probes for continouous health care expertise and health care resolutions.

Social statusis a sensitive inclintion over societal attitudes especially on medical fields. It adheres the challenge for quality and perseverance over health matters and knowledge. Nurses on hospitals during the earliest period stood poorly educated, some were even incarcerated criminals. Society's attitude about nursing then reflected the writings of Charles Dickens. In his book MARLIN CHUZZLEWIT (1896), Dickens reflected his attitude toward nurses through his character SAIRY GAMP. "Caring" for the sick by neglecting them, stealing from them, and physically abusing them. This literary portrayal of nurses greatly influenced the negative image and behavioral attitude towards them up to the contemporary times.

In contrast at the latter part of the 19th century, largely because of the work of Florence Nightingale during the Crinean War, an image arose bringing respectability to the nursing profession. Nurses were viewed as noble, compassionate, moral, religious, dedicated, and self-sacrificing. Another image arising in the early 19th century taht has affected subsequent preparatory generations of nurses and the public and other professionals working with nurses in the image of a jurisdictional handmaiden for the medical fields. The portrayal evolved when women had yet to obtain the right to vote, when family structures were largely paternalistic, and when the medical profession subsicuted increasing use of scientific knowledge which, at that time, was viewed as a male domain. Since taht time, several images of nursing have been portrayed. The portrayal was largely viewed as heroistic. The nurses' act of selflessness and bravery had done it more dramatically on World War II of which fighting poliomyelitis was their focal core of contribution. Hence, in contrast to this positive adversary is the unsatisfactory viewing of nurses as sex objects, surrogate mothers, body expert and other physical misjudgements caused under the related fields.

The nursing profession has taken steps to improve the image of a nurse. In the early 1990's, organizations had subsequently founded its way to redefine and rejuvenate the patent of nursing as an image of genuine health care and professionalism. And through this new aspect, society has embraced the ambivalence and persevered status of the field, making its way by breaking boundaries and building bridges to upgrade knowledge and capacity of nurses for a better spasm of working.

When attitudes are under definite discussion, Nursing has become one societal information of rising upon the lowest degree and form.

How Health Beliefs and Practices Affect Nursing

Nurses need to clarify their understanding of health and wellness because it is largely defined in the determinant scope and nature of practicing nursing clients' health benefits and beliefs also influence a huge rage of their health awareness. Health may not always accompany the well-being of a person who has a terminal illness. It may vary having a sense of well-being yet be in a state of good health. Currently, the emphasis on health and wellness is increasing.

Health and wellness come together and form a comforting psychological field for people who allow themselves to be dominated and motivated with proper health nurturing it clearly and defines the feeling as an emotional wealth of physical elation which contaminates other areas of one being positive.

Also defined in terms of role and performance, an eminent American sociologist Talcott Parsons, conceptualized health as the ability to maintain normal roles. It is highly perceived as an individual concept, health allows the examples of individuals who probably say they're healthy even though they have physical impairments that some would consider illness.

Most people describe health as being free from symptoms of disease and pain as much as possible and strives to be able to be active and to do what they want and be in good spirits most of the time. These aspects conclude in the manner of perceiving life. Individuals who dominate themselves with positive energy are most likely the ones excel in camaraderie with their bodies and environment.

Overpopulated nurses in the Philippines

It has come to our attention that at present, that there are over 200,000 to 400,000 of nursing graduates. And so the continue growing number of nursing students. Some have taken the nursing course even if they don't like because of the low salary that we can earn here in our country. That left us with no choice at all, except to leave our own country in search for a greener pasture so we can help our family back home and support them.

Now where does that left us, when a growing large number of nursing graduates has been devastated because it is hard to find a job outside the country especially of the current economic crisis that has been happening now. A lot of nursing graduates, either registered or not left with no choice except to work at a Call center or any various jobs in the country available, some would have to volunteer in the hospitals. It is also sad because we, nurses, have to pay hospitals for a hands-on experience.

Nursing as a course is not cheap, it is expensive but when you reach that level where you have been patiently waiting, going, strive hard and work hard, it is all worth it. On the other hand, the present situation tells us that there is a large number of nurses in our country, each has to strive its own goal to pass the exams, with experience in the hospital as an advantage. It takes years to be able to go there, with right track, with right attitude, patience, perseverance, you will get there. Although it takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, but it is worth it. In some opinions, sometimes what we love to do, go for it. You don't have to take the course just because everybody says that it is a good one because you'll be successful and you'll earn a lot from that one. What if you don't want it? what if it doesn't come from your heart and you have been forced to take that course? Regardless of what the person's opinion is, it is just a matter of decision.

We are not saying anything offensive, but this is just a matter of opinion, stating reality which we have to face for this are facts of life.

So what's gonna happen now? Overpopulated nurses in the Philippines has become a problem. What some of them will become of it?

Nursing Employment: A Magnetic Field

Needless to say, the demands for medical and nursing jobs are getting higher and many people attempt to gain opportunity of higher privileges by studying nursing and getting paid better by working abroad. It is not a fallacy to consider the wider and more active attention for nurses as compared to other career choices. And through this manifestation, opportunities arise in better working areas. Among these popular places are the United States, Australia, London, Canada, and New Zealand. Places of which gives assurance for nursing aspirants of milk and honey.

The demand of health assistance vary according to the evolutional reaction of the environment towards humans' actions and nature's gestures of connecting to its terrain. It is never questionable when alarming diseases come to exist by the days. For it does not only reflect on humans' consequences from their actions but also the reactions of other diseases complicating each other. One must consider signifying the sensitivity of health according to the environment, to its adaptation of the environment and to its actions motivated due to its environment. Thus, people under this field must be aware of the risks and priorities of the job.

When employment needs arises through economical call, Filipinos drive their way mostly on making more money even if jobs available are risky and not ideal for their related field. Nevertheless, Nursing has been an atomic at its course and it's never a misconception, that aside from other courses yearning for itself. Nursing has hailed as number one.

* If you would like to help nursing students and nursing graduates, and Registered nurses in our country, send us an email by providing ideas how they can go out the sooner the better, giving tips for them with regards to exam and especially employment abroad. Let us help each other.

Health Insurance Plans

When one gets to choose the right insurance plan that is right for them, it is important that they provide accurate information with a good reputation and renders good service to their members. California Kaiser health plans is one company that serves about 8 million members in 9 states. They provide one of the most affordable and low-cost health plans in California.

Kaiser health plans best serves it members by sticking to their very own code of ethics. Choosing a health insurance plan is good for individual, family or for seniors. It is good to get one for the security of ones health and when you’re with a good and trusting company, you are in good hands. With Kaiser Permanente Health plans they tend to give their quotes for free online. A reputable company that ensures you of their services that they can give you because they understand their responsibilities to their own members, they are professional when they deal with their members.

Health Insurance Plans

When one gets to choose the right insurance plan that is right for them, it is important that they provide accurate information with a good reputation and renders good service to their members. California Kaiser health plans is one company that serves about 8 million members in 9 states. They provide one of the most affordable and low-cost health plans in California.

Kaiser health plans best serves it members by sticking to their very own code of ethics. Choosing a health insurance plan is good for individual, family or for seniors. It is good to get one for the security of ones health and when you’re with a good and trusting company, you are in good hands. With Kaiser Permanente Health plans they tend to give their quotes for free online. A reputable company that ensures you of their services that they can give you because they understand their responsibilities to their own members, they are professional when they deal with their members.

Nursing in Medicine and its continuity over the years

Years have come when Medicine became one of the most influential and interesting field of study in correlation to this aspect, its other medical dimension contributed powerfully through Nursing. It adhered the perception of proper nurturing of health and plays a role for massive appraise and more health speculation. In the long run, the perception of medical related fields come vastly in relation to environmental and human evolution. Each condition states a speculation of further study and certainty of information. Being an instrument for expressing health and health care, it does not only contribute a thought of human health sensitivity, it does also acquire a wide range of common sense.

To understand nursing as it is practiced today, requires an approach influenced by social forces currently existing in this profession. These forces usually affect the entire health care system, and nursing, as a major component of that system, cannot avoid the effects. Economically, the provisions of public and private health insurance programs has increased the demand for nursing care and emanates greater financial support resulting for people to use health services as emergency requirements if they lack financial provisions.

The costs of health care have also increased during the decades. In 1982, the Medicare payment system to hospitals and physicians was revised to establish reimbursement fees according to a client's medical diagnosis. This is commonly known as the diagnostic-related groups (DRGs). This establishes categories pretreating diagnosis billings. With its legislation, clients in hospitals are more acutelty ill. Nevertheless, health care, as society evolves, continue to rise. And as the public, people are better educated and more knowledgeable about health and illness than in the past. The ethical and moral issues raised by poverty and the neglection makes the people more vocal about the needs of the poor and the minority groups and thus portray an efficiency of filling in substantial compromises for effective service and nursing.

For providing sufficient and unbiased nursing services, new family structures are influencing the grounds of family life involvement. Providing the latest and most up-to-date care for families in need and also for adolescent mothers, vulnerable for living and health maintenance. Along with these, fields in nursing are never promising without the glimpse and presence of scientific study and its technology. Its advancement affect nursing in a way as how it affects the external and internal areas of which the subject extends itself. The most popular health deficiency which science propagates to diminish is the auto immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS for that matter. In biotechnology, nurses need an expanded knowledge and technical skills in adapting and meeting greater health challenges and expectations. In regard to this, to be successful in applying the course as expected, a nursing aspirant must come to adhere into the Nurses' Licensure Exam (NLE) for local license in the Philippine field. For more expansion of service, IELTS helps in providing visa screening by approving one applicant of its desire for expounded nursing exposures. Assuming the broader and more eloquent targets of most nurses, NCLEX and CGFNS gives one the power to serve in places abroad specifically in the United States. These license patterns produce a wide range of opportunities not just in serving the needy in health care but also gives a variety of experience and learning from people engaged all over the world.

As how the world grows is how nursing adapts to its growth. And shall continue to explore its usage at its widest potentials.

Release of the Board Exam June 1-2, 2008

On July 24, 2008 is the day of the release of the Nursing Board Exam. As usual, not about 50% of the examinees have passed the exam and only approximately about 67,000 who took the test and only of about 42,000 examinees have passed the exam. At about midnight has been the release of the exam.

Study online as Medical Assistant at St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

Being a Medical Assistant is such a very rewarding program. Their duties vary from office to another that usually depends upon the location, the size of the practice and the practitioner's specialty.

Studying online is the practical way to earn an accredited Medical Certificate in just 6-8 weeks! It is affordable and accessible way for medical assistant education.

St. Augustine is the most affordable compared to other Medical Assistant Schools program are designed and reviewed by professionals in the field to give you the best training possible.

Their Medical Assistant School strives hard to help their students attain the career goal of becoming a good certified Medical Assistant. It merely creates a better career opportunity for everyone, a faster promotion and to earn a better income. You can eventually study online at your own pace and take the classes at your very own convenient time because all classes and training are done online. Such that virtual labs facilitate comprehensive training, they have such the best support online for Medical Assistants.


Professional nurses, like everyone else, are definitely liable for any kind of harm that results from personally negligent acts. Nurses are held to a standard of care expected or reasonably competent nurses. The fact that they provide services to patients in a hospital as employees of the hospital does not relieve the nurses of personal legal responsibility to the patients in their care.

Malpractice is the term for negligence or carelessness of professional personnel. To determine what is and what is not careless, the law has developed a measuring scale called the standard of care. Usually, the standard of care is determined by deciding what a reasonably prudent person acting under similar circumstances would do. A jury makes this determination.

This reasonably prudent person is a legal fiction -- in other words, a hypothetical average person with average skills and training in the relevant field and with a hypothetically average amount of judgment and good sense. What this person would do is the yardstick for measuring what others should do in similar circumstances. Once the determination is made as to what the reasonably prudent person would have done, the actual performance of the person who is charged with negligence is measured against that standard of care.

If the action of the person charged (the defendant) meets or surpasses the standard, there has been no negligence or carelessness, just an unavoidable occurrence. But if the defendant's actions fail to meet the standard, then there has been negligence, and the jury must make two determinations: First, was it foreseeable that harm would follow the failure to meet the standard of care? Second, was the carelessness or negligence the proximate or immediate cause of the harm or injury to the plaintiff? A nurse who fails to meet the standard of care will be liable for negligence if that failure results in harm to another.

The four elements of negligence are:

1. a standard of due care under the circumstances

2. a failure to meet the standard of due care

3. the foreseeability of harm resulting from failure to meet the standard

4. the fact that the breach of this standard proximately causes the injury to the plaintiff.

A nurse may be negligent and still not incur liability if no injury results to another person. The term "injury" includes more than mere physical harm. In some states it may include mental anguish and other invasions of rights and privileges. For example, a wife whose husband has been hospitalized as a result of a third person's negligence may sue that third person for loss of marital services.

To prove what the reasonably prudent nurse would do, the courts utilize the services of an expert witness, a person trained in nursing or medicine who can testify to what the professional standard of care is in the same of similar communities. This testimony is necessary because the jury is not trained or qualified to determine what the reasonably prudent nurse's standard of care would be under the circumstances. Essentially, the expert testifies to aid the judge and the jury, by providing a measure by which the actual conduct of the nurse can be properly assessed.

In the performance of professional duties, every nurse is required to exercise reasonable care so that no harm or injury comes to any patients. The law measures the reasonableness of the care by the performance of other nurses in the community. Thus the standard of care for nurses is that degree of care ordinarily exercised by nurses of similar training and experience in the same or similar localities.

Some courts have moved away from the community standard of care and have applied what might be called a national standard. In this situation, the expert witness testifies as to what any reasonably prudent nurse anywhere would have done. The theory is that the standard of care should not vary according to the locate where the individual receives care.

The accompanying guidelines on negligence summarize the concepts of negligence and malpractice and the standard of care to be met in a particular situation.

After the June 1-2,2008 Nursing Board Exam, what?

Being a graduate nursing student is ain't that easy at all. You may tend to think that you have graduated and you thought that it is done, you have finally done it! Well, there you are wrong, and you know why? It is because you are just starting out. You just step into the real world. Of course, welcome to the real world. You have to face it. The challenge of taking the National Licensure Exam is great, and more is expected of you, your family, your friends and their ever watchful eyes especially when the release of the board exam results has come.

So what's the point with today's post regarding the board exam in Nursing? Yes, I have taken the board exam, and of course, those who made the exam - the Board of Nursing itself are just so smart enough that a lot of us said that the Test 4 itself is very hard. As for me, I find almost everything hard. And like some other people say, it is also luck, it comes with luck. But then you have to study well and prepare well, at least, that's what I think. Indeed, yes the board exam itself is hard, in fact, harder than the December 2007 board exam. But there are some who would say, it is easy and some would say hard. But a lot of them would say it is hard. Whatever that is, the awaited results will just come out in time like it is a matter of life and death. Like it is the finale of whether you will pass it or not.

So what happens if I don't pass the exam? of course, take the board exam again this November. And if I did pass? then I have something to look forward to, right? You would become a Registered Nurse. And then you have to begin another chapter of your life and start preparing for the other exams. Well, enough about that because the case is, you still don't know if you will pass it or not.

What are the sample questions that came out of the board exam? Some talks about the Red bone marrow, there are also one that talks about the Yellow Marrow. What color of the oxygen tank is. What year is the Nursing Information technology is, 2000? or 2004? which one is it really?

Most of what came out of the exam this June 2008 board exam is about Cancer, Surgery, not much of Community Health Nursing, neither Pediatrics and Obstetrics Nursing. I might say that the questions were good, but it is the choices that are really hard. So enough of that, to all the nurses out there, goodluck to all of us!!!

June Visa Bulletin

The June Visa Bulletin has been published. Unfortunately, there has been no
changes in the status of EB-3 visas from the May Bulletin.

The only changes that did take effect was that EB-2 visas for China and India moved forward 3 months to April 1, 2004.

Remember, there is also 3 pieces of legislation working its way through the US Congress.

H.R. 5924 seeks to lift retrogression for Schedule A workers. The Bill, if it becomes law,
will set aside 20,000 visas annually for healthcare workers.

H.R. 5882 seeks to recapture unused visas from 1992 to 2007. These would be
work-related visas. While the Bill does not single out healthcare workers,
it does set a minimum of 226,000 visas to be recaptured, so there should be
plenty for healthcare workers.

S 2838 "Global Competitive Act of 2008" seeks to recapture 61,000 visas
for healthcare workers.

The status for the visas are as follows:

EB1 - all current.
EB2 - all current, except China (April 1, 2004), and India (April 1, 2004).
EB3 - all countries (March 1, 2006), China (March 22, 2003), India (November 1, 2001), Mexico (July 1, 2002), Philippines (March 1, 2006).
There has been NO changes for EB-3 visas since last month. The dates for EB-2 visas for China and India have moved forward 3 months.

On April 29, 2008 Rep. Wexler (D-FL) has introduced H.R. 5924 which is known as the Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act that has been introduced in the House.

The legislation will lift retrogression for Schedule A workers (Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists). Visa quotas will be increased to 20,000 per year for "Shortage Occupations."
The USCIS must review (and approve or issue a RFE) all Schedule A I-140 cases within 30 days of receipt.

Legislation causes great impace on Retrogression of EB-3 visas for International Nurses.

We have just become aware that legislation has been introduced in the US House of Representatives
to recapture unused visas that can be re-used for family and employment-based immigrant visas.

While there are no details of the Bill publicly available at this time, it is certain that if successful,
this legislation will have a significant impact on the retrogression of EB-3 visas.

Remember, legislation was introduced into the Senate back on April 10, which would reissue
61,000 visas for use by healthcare workers and their families. It is certainly encouraging to have
similar legislation pending in both Houses of Congress.

Here is what we know about the legislation:

H.R. 5882: "To recapture employment-based immigrant visas lost to
bureaucratic delays and to prevent losses of family- and
immigrant visas in the future."

Once the text of the Bill is published (and we believe this will happen
next week) we will be keeping you up to date with this.

61,000 Reissuing of visas for Nurses in the U.S.

We have just become aware of a renewed effort to reissue 61,000 visas for use by nurses and other healthcare workers.

On Thursday, April 10, 2008 the Global Competitive Act of 2008 was submitted
in the US Senate. This legislation would, among other things, recapture
unused visas from prior years, and dedicate 61,000 visas for use by healthcare

This legislation is similar to that passed by the Senate last Fall, but
removed by the House of Representatives during the House/Senate Conference.
Hopefully this attempt will be more successful.

To read the press release about the Global Competitive Act of 2008,
please visit their website at:

Sign up for our newsletter for more of this updates to:

Filipino nurses to Canada - to be a nurse or to be caregiver?

There is a great influx of nurses applying for Canada. A lot of nurses begins to apply to migrate to Canada, it is rather quite an alarming phenomenon since according to our country's statistics and the first six months of 2007, there are more than 1300 nurses applied under that Canada's Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) instead of applying as a nurse so that they can achieve an immigrant status in Canada. The outcome however, are deskilled and caregivers are being encouraged on this.

It is just so unlike before where Filipino nurses came to Canada and work directly in there as nurses. The education, training and experience were fully recognized and they are capable of filling in the shortage of Canadian medical professionals as nurses. As of today, however the Canada immigration merely grants zero occupational points to foreign-trade nurses applying as independent immigrants. The only option available is LCP.

What has happened nowadays creates entirely a big change in our world. It has never been easy to work outside the country. It remains a struggle and we must reaffirm ourselves to have a positive outlook in life and to never give up since nursing is still a demand outside the country.

Deadline of Filing in PRC for application of the Nursing Board Exam for June 2008

The deadline was supposed to be on April 11, 2008 but then it has been known that a change of schedule has been moved and will be on April 18, 2008. There are some who has experienced that they say there's this certain city in the Visayas, we can't mention the place that they are strict when it comes to the screening of papers upon the filing of application for the nursing board exam whereas for other cities like Cebu or Manila has appeared to have been more organized and faster. With regards to this matter, we just only must have to respect their decision for this.

What's important is that you take the board exam, get prepared for it and finish the filing according to where you want to take.

Thermal Angel Blood and IV Fluid Warmer

This product is known be disposable, the Thermal Angel is an in-line which is battery powered and lightweight that is completely portable blood and IV fluid infusion warming device and no cartridges or cleaning, it is capable of intravenous application and irrigation warming. Thermal Angel can be used to prevent fluid-induced hypothermia. More information about the Thermal Angel Blood warmer. click here

The product has only 5 simple steps to follow which can be seen on the Thermal Angel label, bag and instruction insert and also there's an additional video on it which can be possibly viewed in as short as 3 minutes. Since the Thermal Angel is so simple there are no any other complication or maintenance protocols that can be very time consuming. It is battery powered that merely allows for a continuous care without any further interruption that you'll be experiencing of the warm blood or intravenous fluids. Thermal Angel can be used at the first contact with the patient, whether it may be a trauma scene, in transport to health care facility or even inside the hospitals, clinic or the surgery center.

Thermal Angel is very cost effective in a sense that in trauma situations wherein it required immediate attention, time and effort that should be spend with caring of the patient and not doing such a complex equipment. It works in the field, in the hospital area, or any areas of care. Highly smart because it is disposable, and such an innovative technology that one can have since it is also recognized as one of the standard of care of the military and the government. Why is it being incomparable to other products and want to see the great different of how Thermal Angel makes a great difference? click here

Deadline for Filing of Nursing Board Exam this June 2008

The deadline for the Filing of the Nursing Board Exam which will be held on the June 1-2, 2008 will be on April 11, 2008.

Requirements for PRC are found on their website:
Schedule of the Examination are found here
Procedures click here

From Mumps to mind Diseases

Brain infections in childhood can raise the risk of developing schizophrenia later in life.

Krister Kristensson of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and colleagues studied 1.2 million children born in Sweden between 1973 and 1985. Children who got mumps with complications of brain inflammation before the age of 12 had almost three times the risk of developing schizophrenia after the age of 15. The risk for children who developed a cytomegalovirus infection jumped nearly 17 times.

But no such link was seen for bacterial or enteroviral infections, which do not invade the brain. Kristensson presented the results at the World Congress of Neuroscience in Melbourne, Australia, last second week of July 2007.

IV Therapy Training Center

IV Therapy Training so long as it is an ANSAP accredited IV Therapy Training is an additional skill that we nurses aspire to have. The payment usually varies from 1,500 - 2,500 pesos. Like for one there is a Training provided if you're from the South in Manila, you can inquire in Perpetual - Las Piñas, or Medical Center Muntinlupa. Also at Medical Center Makati itself, and a schedule of IV Therapy scheduled in National Kidney Institute this June 2008. There are more and all you need is to just inquire to hospitals, make a call or go visit the hospital in person.

Or try some of this hospitals:
amang rodriguez(marikina)
unciano medical center(antipolo)
lourdes hospital(sta.mesa)
world citi medical center(cubao)
capitol medical center
lung center

Some IVT Trainings for this March may be closed since you have to be registered 1 month before the training.

Here is a copy of the Administration of Intravenous Therapy by Licensed Nurses in the US
so that you'll be aware of the REGULATIONS RELATING TO ADMINISTRATION OF INTRAVENOUS THERAPY BY LICENSED NURSES. It is in Microsoft Word document, you just have to download it first.

Interpretations regarding venipuncture, intravenous fluids, resuscitation and respiration—statement of policy.

And for
Interpretations regarding the administration of drugs—statement of policy.

Nursing Scholarships

There is this PNA - Tampa Scholarship which is provided by the Philippine Nurses Association. However, the deadline has been finished which was last February 28, 2008. This is a good opportunity, only 2 students who is currently enrolled in an accredited Nursing College/University in the Philippines will be chosen. With a 90% scholastic record and above, the student must be able to meet the scholastic criteria to be able to have the scholarship and has documented financial need.

The winners will be announced in May during the Nurses' Week celebration, and they will receive $500 each year for their tuition assistance.

Here you can find the Online application and for the Paper Application.

December 2007 Nursing Board Exam Results

The Nursing Board exam has been released by the PRC on February 21, 2008 and there are 46% passers of the 67,728 examinees, only 28,924 has passed the exam according to Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas who is a member of the PRC Board of Nursing. And there are like about 10 out of 14 retakers as per Court of Appeals decision passed and 729 out of 1,132 special certification retakers for CGFNS has passed.

For results of the Nursing Board Exam click here

Top POEA lists of Recruitment agencies

Choosing carefully the right agency is very important since it will be a waste of time, money and effort if you go to an agency that is a scam. It may not be that easy to choose the agency, but of course, like as mentioned to previous posts, intensive research even in science is important, because at this, it entails ones future.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) provides information about the different agencies here in our country, and for processing of documents when one has a contract to work overseas through POEA.

Provided on this topic is the website where you can see about the lists of POEA awardees of excellence performance awards on the year 2005.

click here

Reliable Nursing Agencies - how are they reliable?

We have shown you lists of Nursing agencies that we can recommend, and as of this time we'll be giving you some lists of Nursing agencies some time to come. Therefore, what we can just tell you is that still do your research before you sign a contract to a certain agency for your own good because at this time, your future is at stake here and it will be a big waste of your time if the outcome is not good.
In some certain ways, there are some warning signs that you can feel, deep in your gut, sometimes you just tend to ignore it. How about doing the other way around? In signing up in an Agency, there is always the risk, so what you must do is to protect yourself by doing intensive research before signing up to a contract.
Why not trying Direct Hiring companies? It may not be easy, but for sure there are hospitals that hires directly employees. You may try by inquiring at a certain hospital, send an email and ask if they hire direct employees from the Philippines. We believe that Filipinos has a good reputation in the United States and that they are efficient and effective nurses.

December 2007 Nursing Board Exam

According to Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) there are about 150,000 who took the Nursing Board Exam last December 2007. It takes time to release the results due to the number of examinees last December and about a certain percentage will pass the Nursing Board Exam.

At this time, the examinees are anxious because of the results that is heard to be released on March 2007. We just have to wait when will PRC release the Nursing Board Exam results.

New opportunities with Avant Healthcare

New International Opportunities with Avant Healthcare

You are receiving this email because at some time you have applied to Avant or have been working with Avant Healthcare.

We are excited to announce new and upcoming opportunities in international locations:

  • Dubai - Opportunities for International, US and Canadian Registered Nurses
  • Abu Dhabi - Opportunities for International, US and Canadian Registered Nurses
  • Saudi Arabia - Opportunities for International, US and Canadian Registered Nurses
  • Canada - Opportunities for International, US and Canadian Registered Nurses and US trained and licensed LPN’s

Those of you who are already in process with Avant and any of you who receive this email be considered for any or all of these opportunities and we will be able to expedite your applications of interest.

If you are seeking a move, please contact Avant Healthcare first to discuss your options and we will be happy to expedite your process. You can email

We will be emailing with more information as this becomes available but this will be a great way to start to New Year with a New Opportunity!

For those of you in process for the US with Avant or considering joining the US program, we are still working hard on getting a break for retrogression, but these opportunities may be open to you while you are waiting for your US process to continue

May I take this opportunity to wish you a safe and blessed Holiday Season from everyone at Avant Healthcare.

If you have questions or wish to express your interest for any or all of the above opportunities please email but we will be in touch as we finalize requirements and needs with each facility.

Or Visit their website now.

Conversions and Calculations

Metric measures


1 milligram (mg) = 1,000 micrograms (mcg)
1 gram (g) = 1,000 mg
1 kilogram (kg) = 1,000 g


1 milliliter (ml) = 1 cubic centimeter (cc)
1 ml = 1,000 microliters (mcl)
1 cc = 1,000 mcl
1 liter (L) = 1,000 ml
1 L = 1,000 cc

Household to metric equivalents

1 teaspoon (tsp) = 5 ml
1 tablespoon (tbs) = 15 ml
1 ounce (oz) = 30 ml
2 tbs = 30 ml
1 oz = 30 g
1 pound (lb) = 454 g
2.2 lb = 1 kg
1 inch = 2.54 centimeters (cm)

Temperature conversions
To convert Celsius (°C) to Farenheit (°F)
(°C x 9/5) + 32 = °F

To convert Farenheit (°F) to Celsius (°C)
(°F - 32) x 5/9 = °C

Calculating dosages and administration rates

Concentration of solution in mg/ml = mg of drug/ml of solution

Infusion rate in mg/minute = mg of drug/ml of solution x flow rate (ml/hour) /60minutes

Concentration of solution in mcg/ml = mg of drug x 1,000/ ml of solution

Infusion rate in mcg/minute =
mg of drug x 1,000/ml of solution x flow rate (ml/hour) / 60minutes / weight in kg

Infusion rate in ml/hour = ml of solution / 60 minutes

Infusion rate in gtt/minutes = ml of solution / time in minutes x drip factor (gtt/ml)

Allied Health Recruitment

This is a Health Recruitment company where they are based in the UK. If you are a Registered Nurse wishing to work in the United States or in the United Kingdom and Australia, you have just found one of the right places.

Allied Health Recruitment is a Direct Hire Agency. They provide a better pay, and what does this mean? it means that hospitals pay them a one-off fee for finding this hospitals a suitable nursing candidates and arranging the immigration procedures. This means that you work directly for the hospital and you keep 100% of your salary. Pay in the US varies from state to state and reflects the costs of living as well.

If you want to find out how much you should be earning in a particular US town or city, you may use this Salary wizard click here. And according to AHR, that's the salary that you will be offered.

Your US employer will be the one to pay for all immigration fees which includes attorney costs, NCLEX-RN tuition and exam fees. In total, this could be worth as much as $18,000. With free flights and start-up packages. As they say that free flights to the US are always a part of their package that is for successful candidates and their employers tend to offer other incentives like free or heavily subsidized accommodation while you still finding your way around your new home. This also includes a free medical insurance - covering basic preventive care through to treatment of serious illness or injury.

Visit their website at:

You can download their application form and you can contact them for any inquiries and/or questions.

Michigan opening its doors to Philippine Nurses

According to Manila Bulletin online, Michigan as being the 11th biggest state in the US opens its doors to Filipino nurses wherein signed last June 14 House Bill 7702 that allows foreign nursing graduates to work in the state without the requirement of having to take the CGFNS exam.

The new law that is implied on the Michigan state is such a welcoming news to thousands of Filipino nursing graduates in the Philippines who wish to apply for work in Michigan as a Registered Nurse in the United States as its been made easier for foreign graduates of nursing.

The graduates are only required to take the NCLEX exam and without the CGFNS examination this time.

The CGFNS has imposed a qualifying test on Filipino nursing graduates due to the leakage scandal that has marred the nursing licensure exam that has happened last October, 2006 by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Consul General Blesila C. Cabrera credited the efforts made by the Philippine Nurses' Association of Michigan (PNAM) which prompted her by the signing of the law. She added that "The success of the PNAM in having the bill signed into law indicates the growing empowerment of Filipino-Americans in the American Midwest, especially on issues affecting the interests of the Filipino-American comunity".

Among those who witnessed the law signing were PNAM president Ellen Dioso, PNAM CGFNS Task Force chairwoman Remedios Solarte, and Rep. Y. Hoon Hopgood, who introduced the bill in the Michigan State House of Representatives.

More information about the State Board of Nursing in Michigan click here

Generics: answer to an affordable health care

Of all the basic necessities every working Filipino allocates a budget to, medicines would invariably be at the bottom of the list.

This is because medicines are not perceived to be as immediate as food, clothing and shelter, health care needs are set aside and responded to only when the situation calls for it.

Sadly, what most people fail to realize is that health and well-being are the cornerstones of success and economic progress, whether in the home, at work, or as a nation. No amount of financial gain can compensate for the negative effects of debilitating illness and disease.

The good news is that despite the skyrocketing cost of basic commodities, the average Filipino family still has the privilege to enjoy affordable health care by taking advantage of the high quality generic drugs available in the market today.

Unlike in the past, when generics were looked down as inferior and sub-standard, more and more Filipinos have been shifting to generics as compared to their more expensive branded counterparts.

In a survey commissioned by the Department of Health in 2003, exactly 15 years after the Generics Act of 1988 was promulgated, results found an increase of Filipinos buying generic drugs and, consequently, a decrease in those saying that the cost of medicine is very expensive.

In the said survey, some 48 percent of the respondents claimed they patronized generic drugs as compared to 33 percent who preferred branded medicine.

According to Dr. William Torres of the UP College of Pharmacy, there is no reason for the public to be wary of generic drugs.

A generic drug is simply a product that is sold under the name of its active ingredient, like Paracetamol or Mefenamic Acid.

The term could also mean a drug that has been introduced into the market after the patent of its branded innovator has expired, upon which any pharmaceutical company can produce drugs of the same ingredients and with the same therapeutic results.

Giving the same products popular brand labels doesn�t necessarily make them more effective. Packaging and advertising is what bring up the cost of these medicines.

"Practically all of the most commonly prescribed drugs all over the world have generic counterparts," says Dr. Torres, who was also director of the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) from 1999 to 2002.

He is also a consultant for a local generics firm, Lafayette Pharmaceuticals, and advisor to the newly formed Philippine Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industries.

"From treating the common cold to hypertension, arthritis and diabetes, we already have the generic products available, many of which are manufactured by domestic firms. So not only do we save on our budget for medications, we also help keep our local pharmaceutical industry healthy."

Poverty, he says, should no longer be a reason for Filipinos to suffer from inadequate health management.

He believes that providing the public with accurate information on generics and a wide selection of products to choose from will greatly benefit the masses, especially those who can no longer afford named brands.

"Why deprive yourself of the right medicine when there are options? If people are well-informed, they will find out that they can save so much just by comparing prices of available branded and generic products."

For example, among Lafayette�s products alone, one can save as much as P30 pesos per 60 ml bottle of its generic Carbocisteine product (for cough with phlegm) as compared to other labels.

For a market constantly in search of best-value healthcare solutions, generics are the key to good health within one�s means. Exercise your right of choice as a consumer. It can literally be a matter of life and death.

Paypal now here in the Philippines

you can receive PAYPAL in the Philippines. Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.